Entrepreneurship in Engineering – Need of the Hour

Engineering has taken the world places from the end of time and is going to be an integral part of the industry for the end of the time, obviously so. With engineering colleges brimming with students, the answer to the questions about the prospect of engineering is quite clear. But, now the question is, is only studying engineering enough to boost your career? Not really, is the answer. One basic and vital skill that every engineer needs to have is entrepreneurship skill. Pure technical education does not inculcate the ability to handle pressures in business and identity business opportunities. Another vital skill that form the base of a successful entrepreneur, is the ability to identify opportunities and convert them into reality.

Entrepreneurship in Engineering

A study in entrepreneurship in Engineering would definitely provide the required knowledge and tools needed for any businessman to start a business and take it northward. Students who participate in entrepreneurship programs definitely get to learn business basics, problem solving, team management, critical thinking and communication. Gone are the days when business education was limited to business schools. Engineer with entrepreneurship skills is the perfect recipe for a successful business.
They have already proved to be great leaders and founders of successful business houses, in turn boosting the economic growth of the country itself. There are many colleges that provide entrepreneurship programs alongside full time engineering courses. This includes interaction and workshop with successful entrepreneurs. Students also get to participate in projects and actually lead the projects from the front. This helps them boost their confidence and gives them the power to take their own decisions. Even open end design tasks are an integral part of these programs. Students get a hang of dealing with design process related challenges, logical and technical. They also learn diagnosis problems and troubleshooting as well.

In a nutshell, an entrepreneurship program in engineering is definitely a must have, to get yourself ready to taken on the marketplace.

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Women in Engineering – Current Scenario and More

Gone are the days when careers for women were confined to teaching, reception or PR. Today, there is a huge chunk of women taking up engineering as a career. Having said that surveys also suggest that there is again a huge chunk of women engineers, who end up taking non engineering jobs after completing their studies. Many of them opt for IT careers because of the obvious advantages that IT companies offer their employees. This includes work time flexibility, work from home opportunity, work-life balance, holidays, marriage leaves, maternity leaves and even sabbatical facility. This makes their career flow smoother. While government firms or others do not give them such a flexibility and hence the statement.

Female students also have been seeing opting in for computer science engineering and IT as compared to other streams of science like mechanical, civil or electrical engineering. It has been also observed that less that 10% of the women are working in hard core engineering fields. A survey has revealed that in the past 5 years the percentage of women in engineering has come down from almost 20% to a whooping 5%. This is a huge number and the pointer clearly states that due to various perks that IT offers to girls, it’s been a hot favorite career amongst the girls.

Women in Engineering

Though, core engineering careers are also suitable for females. Atleast, few of the streams offer good opportunities for office based work as well and not on site work or frequent travel.

Civil Engineering – With the boom in real estate and groups coming up with lavish offices, the job opportunities for table job at real estate office has increases in manifolds. Particularly, areas of design, development, estimation and costing and project planning are suitable for women as they do not involve frequent site visits or onsite work.

Bio-medical Engineering – This is one field of engineering which deals is suitable for women. This is the reason it is seeing a surge in female applicants as well. Here you can see the best Bio Medical Engineering College in Bangalore

Environmental Engineering – This stream of engineering is also interesting one for women. This stream is also seeing influx of female students as compared to other streams, which seem to be male dominated.

kalpana chawla Well, engineering is an interesting field, and if it does interest you, as a woman you many definitely opt in, but you need to be prepared to work in shifts, commute to sites and similar kind of work culture.


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An Evergreen Career of Mechanical Engineering

mechanical engineering career

Mechanical engineering as a stream has been there for centuries now, and we may very safely say that it is one other most evergreen streams of engineering. The beginning of mechanical engineering marks way back in the 18th century and it is primarily about application of physics, engineering and material design in machinery. Mechanical engineering deals with machinery, its designing, manufacturing, functioning, maintenance and more in application areas like various different industries, war arsenal, robots and more. Since, the day it came into being the stream has seen consistent innovation and development.

Career Pre-requisites:
To pursue a mechanical engineering career one has to get a degree in mechanical engineering after completing 12th Science. Mechanical engineering degree is a 4 year undergraduate course after which you may take up work or go for higher education, as in Masters in Engineering and further more a doctorate in the same. Once you are a mechanical engineering you have a choice of areas to work in. Here’s a rundown the same.
Designing – As a design person you may look into designing anything that is useful to humankind and works on mechanical motion.
Manufacturing – Manufacturing is about processing materials to make new products based on the design specifications.
Management – This involves supervision and monitoring of the machinery in power plants, large industrial setups and more.
Research & Development – This is an unending area of work where innovation and development goes on and on until the end of time. You create, you innovate and evolve.

Earlier it was only about mechanical engineering but now there are a lot of sub-streams where mechanical engineers can plunge into. This includes the latest ones like bio-medical engineering , nuclear engineering, robotics engineering and more. Robotics and bio-medical engineering seems to have a lot of scope in the coming years. The various industries that require mechanical engineers to work for them include the Steel Plants, Automobile Industries, Aviation, Shipping, Armed Forces, Thermal Plants, Shipping Industry.

As far as the remuneration is concerned, a fresher can get anywhere between 10k to 30k. Though, with the entrance of MNCs in India the salary limits have increased and hence there are chances you get even more. Experienced professionals get high salaries like 45k onwards, all depending upon the years of experience, skills, efficiency and other factors.

In a nutshell, the crux of the matter is that Mechanical engineering is absolutely a lucrative career that offers sufficient growth and job satisfaction to people who are passionate about mechanics.

mechanical engineering career

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Many of the students are well aware of their choices when in the boards but there are many students who aren’t really sure which stream they want to opt for. Even if they are sure that engineering is the career they want to go for, the choice of stream many a times brings them into horns of the dilemma. There are a lot of points that have to be considered while choosing an engineering stream, if you are already sure that you are going to opt for an engineering career.

Engineering is a vast field in itself and you do not have to insinuate yourself. As per your area of interest, choose the stream you like and specialize in the same because to succeed its not only an engineering degree, its your specialization at something that would bring success to you.

Here is a run down some of the popular streams engineering students in India opt for :

Computer Engineering : In cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad, there are a herd of multinational companies waiting to absorb computer engineers all the time. With India becoming the IT hub, the whole world is eyeing India for its business needs. So, computer engineering is one of the most sought after engineering careers today. We all are aware that computers are our future and a career in computers is surely going to be a shining one.

computer engineering in Banglaore

Mechanical EngineeringMechanical engineering stream is an ever green stream. Machines are known to be best friends of humans as they reduce the load of work considerably. Mechanical engineering has been there for a long time, booming and shining and is going to be there in the coming years too. It is a broad discipline and if you are interested in the field it sure is a rewarding one. Mechanical engineers need to have very good math and problem solving skills.

rrce mechanical engineering lab

Biotechnology EngineeringThis is a relatively new stream. In case you’re not aware biotechnology engineering deals with creating biological solutions for the problems faced. If you are passionate about science, creating products harnessing the power of biotechnology and research and development is what interests you a lot, then this career is an appropriate choice for you.

biotech engineering in bangalore

Biomedical EngineeringCall it cream of the engineering crop or one of the most sophisticated streams of engineering, Bio medical engineering requires you to be extraordinary in every means. Even if that sounds cliche’, that’s a fact already. If you are excellent in academics then this stream is for you and yes you need to be too good with chemistry, medical science and biology. Work profile includes image processing, developing artificial limbs and more. Sound great isn’t it?, yes it surely is. It even pays handsomely.

Biomedical Engineering College in bangalore
The above mentioned streams are just a select few from the many different engineering streams like civil engineering, aeronautical engineering, electronics and communication engineering, environmental engineering and many more. The choice has to primarily depend on your area of interest and abilities. Then only can you excel in the field.


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NEET For Engineering – The Debate is On

The national eligibility and entrance test (NEET) is now mandatory for medical college admission. This would help in a way that students wouldn’t have to prepare for many entrance exams of different colleges/universities. There would be one entrance exam that would be accepted all over the country.

After this announcement, even the engineering students and faculties are demanding the same for engineering entrance as well.

Suggestions also came in stressing upon having a common entrance test for Btech courses with a common syllabus across the country. They also insisted that the tests needed to be conducted in vernacular languages, so as to make it convenient for the students who have studied in regional schools. At present, there is a lot of the load on the students because they have to give many different entrance exams for admission to BTech courses. This includes IIT entrance exams, BIT entrance exams and more.

Though there has been a differed opinion where some academicians feel that having a NEET for medical entrance is a good idea but it need not be mandatory for engineering courses. The main reason is that medical colleges are very less in number as compared to engineering colleges. There are already 2 all India entrance exams with thousands of seats for IIT and NIT. Further JEE and EAMCET entrance exams also are there for qualifying to a good engineering college. So, apparently there is no need for extending the NEET to engineering.

Suggestions have also poured in saying a panel or body needs to be formed for devising a common syllabus, with a holistic approach. The same has been put forth by the central government and is being upheld by the Supreme Court as it has a lot of benefits for students and parents in general. Giving many entrance tests puts on a financial burden on the students and their parents as well. There are a lot of hassles involved as well, that include application form filling, travelling to the test location and more. Additionally the students attend many coaching centres for the different tests which makes a huge hole in the pockets of parents. Hence, NEET for engineering has got a green signal from from general public.

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