2018 Engineering Admissions – Bangalore

engineering admissions in bangalore

One of the most sought after career’s in India, Engineering offers a variety of choices when it comes to subject selection. So, you can simply follow your interest and choose your stream. While you need to be aware of one fact as an aspiring student and that is, it’s not that just because engineering offers a lucrative or skyrocketing career is why you choose to study it. If engineering does not interest you and it is only because of parental choice or advice from people you know, then its better to stop and think about it from your own personal point of view. Before you take the plunge be sure of what you really want to do, else you will be caught in the grind where there are umpteen others working and even earning handsomely but not at all happy. To excel in something you need to love it else it’s just a job for you and not some work that you enjoy.

Now that the admissions season is just round the corner and boards exams have already begun parents are all out searching and short listing colleges for admission purpose. Those who are aspiring to join engineering are also looking out for colleges as per their suitability. So, if you are parent looking out for a suitable engineering college for your ward then do check out RajaRajeshwari college of Engineering.

RRCE is one of the leading colleges in Bangalore for engineering and is ranked as the 5th best college with an active placement cell and campus recruitment record of a staggering 80%. Nestled in a sprawling campus and equipped with smart classrooms, laboratory, auditorium, Library, Sports and Recreation Facility, RRCE offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in engineering. It also encourages extra curricular activities like Yoga Club, Gymnasium, Youth Red Cross Society, NCC, NSS, Heritage club, to name a few.

What’s more RRCE’s industry institute interaction cell is supported by MOU’s with industrial giants and seed money assistance facility helps students in pursuing their dream research projects. Besides, the campus is wifi enabled with high speed internet connectivity. No wonder it is a NAAC A accredited college on the wish list of many engineering aspirants.

The college offers engineering courses in seven disciplines namely Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electronics and communication Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, information Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering. The postgraduate programs on offer include MTech in Computer Science Engineering, Computer Network and Engineering, Communication Systems, Digital Electronics and communication Engineering, Thermal Power Engineering, Business Administration and Computer Application.

Well, all the best for the examinations of your wards and to you if you are an aspiring students. See you at the campus.

Contact for Admissions 2018-19

Address: RajaRajeswari College of Management & Computer Application,

Ramohalli Cross, Kumbalgodu,

Mysore Road, Bengaluru – 560 074,

Karnataka, India

Email Id: admission@rrce.orgprincipal@rrce.org

Contact Number:  90088-45678 / 080-28437124



Which Engineering stream To Choose After 12th?

Top Engineering Branch After 12th

In India, till recently Engineering and Medicine top the list of expectations of Parents of children. It’s always that every other parent you meet and ask about their dreams for their child’s career path, and pop engineering or medicine would come the answer. Recently times have taken a good turn in favor of the innocent children and Parents are taking note of their interests in selecting a career path for them, which is nice. Having said that, Engineering still remains one of the most sought after streams in India even today and students with good and average marks do look out for engineering course so that they can carve out a skyrocketing career out of it.

Practically speaking, every engineering stream has its own charm and can be a sure fire brand in itself if you master it. Additionally, with globalization, the opportunities in terms are work have increased by leaps and bounds. So, here are the top five lucrative engineering options in India, based on their long term benefits.

Computer Engineering / IT – IT is booming in India and spreading its horizons beyond its roots in Bangalore and Hyderabad to other cities in India. Software engineers work for global companies and Multinational giants and can expect lucrative packages that could range upto 30 – 40 lacs per annum. Onsite opportunities across the world can give them even higher remuneration. Even freshers are offered upto 6 lacs per annum. You get to work with companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, IBM, Infosys, Wipro, TCS, to name a few and get promoted upto CTO levels.

Electronic and Communication Engineering – Though salary package vary depending upon the industry there are opportunities in various areas like railways, construction, steel industries and more. Many electronic and Communication Engineers pursue software engineering PG courses or business administration and go on to become software architects or entrepreneurs as well. Promotions include team leader and project head designation and higher managerial positions as well with salary packages upto 15 lacs per annum.

Mechanical Engineering – This is one of the evergreen streams of engineering and is definitely a lucrative one. All about design, analysis, manufacture and maintenance, Mechanical engineers can earn handsome packages as per their skill levels. An entry level graduate can easily earn upto 3 lac per Annum in India while working with giants like Mahindra & Mahindra, Reliance Power, General Motors, you can earn much more.

Biotechnology Engineering – Biotechnology is a field full of upcoming opportunities and plays a major role in agriculture and horticulture, animal husbandry, healthcare, environment and dairy farming.

Genetic Engineering – Genetic engineering is the future of engineering and even one of the most interesting engineering upcoming engineering streams. Though it is in its budding stage, the future for this stream is definitely bright.

Having said, that you must know what your interest of subject lies in, you passion lies in before you make a decision. You will only enjoy the experience of learning and excel in the field if you like it so don’t just go by the bottomline, follow the line of your heart.

Rajarajeswari College of Engineering (RRCE) was started in the year 2006 and is managed by Moogambigai Charitable and Education Trust (MCET), Bangalore. The College is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi, Govt. of Karnataka and is affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) Belgaum. The college is an ISO 9001-2008 certified Institution.

Tips For Cracking The Computer Science Degree

computer engineering course

A computer science degree can pay earn you a fortune but to crack it if not in flying colors, you have to pour your heart and soul into the course. So, how are you going to make it feel like a cake walk even though you are already aware that it is a pathway filled with pots and holes, bumps and more. Here are few tips to help you sail through your four rigorous years of computer science without hanging like a substandard computer on and off. 🙂

Plan ahead – Plan ahead – A computer engineering course is no cake walk. And like it is for other engineering degrees, following the methodology of studying a night or couple of nights before the examination is definitely going to sink your ship. So, plan well ahead of your exams and work backward if you may so that you are all ready when the exam dates are announced and can give your exams in a stress free manner.

Do not skip lectures – Many a students attend practicals but tend to skip their lectures. But, attending lectures is apparently a good idea because many a time the lecturers set papers and include topics that they have covered in the lectures. Also, you get to be in good books of your lecturer or professor and you can also resolve you queries and subject difficulties by seeking your professors help.

Be Practical – As much important it is to have theoretical knowledge, it is equally important to have practical knowledge because taking up a job or your performance at a job is more about computer application than theory. Specializing in one particular area is a much better idea because you may take up a sub field of your choice and try to master it.

Upgrade. Upgrade. Upgrade – Yes, this holds true today with most of the careers but with computer science more so and it is about survival of the fittest. So, you need to be abreast with the new technology as a successful computer engineer. You might as well take up online courses or part time courses to keep yourself up to date.

Be a Team Player – You might like to work solo but when on a project at work a computer science student or at work as an employee you will have to work as a part of a team. Even as student you will be doing engineering projects with a partner or in a team. So, be ready to play the game as a team player and understand that team work can take you places as well.

Computer Science degree is a tough nut to crack but with a disciplined approach to study you can clear your examinations and graduate as a computer engineer.

Under Water Robots – Advances in Ocean Exploration

Ever imagined tennis ball size robots spread over the oceans for studying the mysteries that the oceans have been hiding for decades and centuries beneath them? You know what, no need to imagine because they are already a reality now. Yes, a study has revealed that miniature robots are all set to change the face of ocean exploration and are simply waiting deployment orders. Known as the M-AUEs, the smartness of these miniature machines lies in recording 3D movements of the oceans internal waves, apparently a distant dream for run of the mill instruments used until now. underwater-robot-swarm-photoAccording to the makers, the concept of the same lies in being at multiple places simultaneously, which unfortunately wasn’t possible earlier with the conventional instruments. For example when moving a finger in a specific region of water, it was never about reaching out to more than one place at a time until the invention of these mini robots. But with the help of these swarm robots, the feat of being at 16 places at the same time has been successfully achieved.

As mentioned earlier the main objective behind creating such robots was investigating the movement of ocean’s internal waves. Further to prove the theory about aspects of plankton’s ecology and that it was due to the oceans currents pushing and pulling the plankton together and back apart such a device was need of the hour. Three dimensional instrumentation capabilities were required for the same, which at that point of time, the scientists did not possess. But with the help of swarm robots viewing the theory that was based on water density, internal wave dynamics and ocean physics could be possible in real time that too in 3D.


And this is not it-Robot swarms also have numerous applications other than 3D mapping of internal wave dynamics and offer immense possibilities in analysis of the oceans as well as other areas. Some of the examples presented by the makers under their applications include using them along with microphones to hear out the dolphins and whales, modifying their instrumentation and using them in oil spills for tracking the emissions of harmful toxins, to name a few.

These little robots are apparently, one of the best things to have happened to human kind recently as they would undoubtedly be able to resolve unanswered queries about the ocean dynamics globally. What’s more, the next generation of them is already in pipeline with features like added functionality and decreased cost additions.

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Engineering to MBA

Presently, if you check out the percentage of Engineering students pursuing MBA after graduation, you would be surprised to find that it is a staggering one. The reason behind diverting from their technical field to that of business management could be many. We all are aware of the big fat salaries, social status, corporate career and more that business management post graduates get.

MBA After B.tech

Apparently, it has also been a legacy of sorts. Not just today, but for decades, many a parents have rarely thought beyond the two fields engineering and medical, in India. They just sow it inside your mind as a child, that your ultimate goal in life is to become an engineer or a doctor, and try to nurture the dream of theirs through you.

After engineering it has mostly been MBA. Even today parents and their wards eye the prestigious IITs for undergraduate degrees and IIMs for post graduation. IITs are considered as the Mecca and Madina of Education here in India. If you clear your JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) and get admission to IIT, then you belong to the elite club of Engineers and your parents feel as if they are on the seventh heaven.

Even though, the scenario has changed quite a bit over the past few years there is still a majority of the population that cannot think past engineering and medical education. That is the reason even today there is so much demand for engineering seats and over 85% of the management seats at IIM are occupied by engineering graduates.

Some of the Compelling reasons for doing an MBA after Engineering
1. Engineering degree not enough to get big fat salary packages.
2. Highly advantageous if planning to foray in entrepreneurship at some point of time.
3. Broaden your work horizons from technical jobs to banking, finance, fmcg sectors and more.
4. A lucrative and comparatively easier option in case you don’t want to pursue MS or a Phd.

Yes as said before, doing an MBA after engineering is going to skyrocket your earnings extensively. Today, corporate’s out there are all set to shell out six figure salaries to management post graduates with an engineering background. The companies prefer technical backgrounds in comparison to science, arts or commerce background. With such lucrative packages available, we are just so attracted that we fail to look beyond it. Alas, the ward’s interest or liking for a subject or sport or music or art is just buried somewhere beneath this dream of their parents or the pressures of earning and financial growth.

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MBA Colleges in Bangalore

The Future of Engineering Education in India – An Overview

Women in Engineering

The engineering sector is brimming with limitless opportunities and is undergoing a notable change, with the advent of technological innovations and scientific advances. It is engineering education that has to work over time to keep up with the advances, the opportunities and the challenges in the sector.

Future of Engineering Education in India

To meet these underlying challenges and make the most of the available opportunities in Engineering, the need of the hour is to make the engineers of today ready for the industry tomorrow. The global perspective and dimensions have to be considered herein as well because Engineering is in itself a global industry. Considering the potential of India to become a global technology leader in areas like chemicals, automobiles and more, it is all the more important to work upon high education and research areas in India.

This means that engineering courses that the Engineering institutions in India are offering need to be improved for new competences and made interdisciplinary. Research in Engineering is possibly and other important cornerstone for paving the path to breakthroughs in engineering. It is known to be the main source of knowledge locally, regionally, nationally or internationally. The modern research is not only about learning processes but on educational techniques as well. There are numerous leading institutes in India that have already taken a step in the direction by empower students with the required skills and knowledge for optimum impact.

One of the approaches to adopt could be to go for adult learning methods using active learning instead of the traditional teacher led approach which apparently hinders the growth of the recipient. It is time to make optimum use of the innovative tools of teaching and learning and make the whole process of imparting education seamless, flexible and interesting for the recipients. Also, another fact is that engineering is expanding while experiencing diversification as well. The domino effect, a rise in interdisciplinary studies has been observed. Interdisciplinary skills are about learning to analyze, communicate effectively and resolve issues from workplace to workplace. Hence, introduction of social science and other relevant disciplines makes sense. This interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary or holistic approach in engineering is definitely a stepping stone in the direction.

Thus, a focused approach where the curriculum includes well designed academic programs, educational projects and policy statements that are analyzed thoroughly in order to provide sustainability in engineering education seems to be the requirement for a shining future of engineering sector already.

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Engineering drawing is rather a combination of both art and science. To build any structure out of scrap requires conceptualization, ideation and implementation. The idea has to projected first on the sheet of paper before taking it further or implementing it in reality. Engineering drawing is the process which deals with projecting the idea or image in the mind to paper. It is a kind of technical drawing with complete specifications for engineered items. Engineering drawing may be about technical drawings but it is one of the toughest subjects, ask any engineering student and you will know. A sound knowledge of drawing is vital otherwise its a tough road ahead with the subject.

Engineering drawing is a beautiful blend of artistry and science that has the ability or power to process your dreams to products of reality. It is an art because it involves a lot of drawing, that to complex form of drawing. It is also a science because, art is free from boundaries or rules and regulations of any sort and is a purely putting down your imagination on paper, while science is bound by rules, regulations and restrictions. Here is a run down the sub categories under engineering drawing.

Mechanical engineering drawing deals with machine drawing. It is apparently a drawing for representing machine lines or components while abiding to certain set of rules. All the details, both internal and external are provided by the machine drawing.

Electrical engineering drawing involves assembly and working drawing of mechanical and electrical items, instruments and their parts.


civil engineering drawing


Civil Engineering drawing is all about residential, commercial and industrial construction drawing.



The drawing instruments for engineering drawing include a T-square or a drafter, stencils, drawing board and the regular pencil, rubber, sharpener things.

drawing instruments

Well, it is interesting to know how beautifully art and science blend in together to give amazing shapes to your imagination and ideas by way of engineering drawing. Thus, besides being just a combination of science and art, engineering drawing remains to be one of the cornerstones of every engineering stream.

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Civil Engineering Career Works – Why And How?

Civil engineering is said to be one of the oldest streams of engineering. For example the oldest structures like the Great Wall of China, the Colosseum of Rome, the Pyramids of Giza, the statue of Rio or coming back home the breathtaking Tajmahal – all stand witness to the birth and evolution of civil engineering. This is one stream of engineering where everything is visible and that too in big size, unlike some other fields of engineering. Civil engineering is an important stream because any country’s socio – economical status depends upon the infrastructure of it a lot. Be it mammoth structures like dams, bridges, airports, docks and harbours or corporate and residential projects, all are a result of civil engineering. civil-eng There are always two sides to a coin and even Civil Engineering comes with its own pros and cons. As a civil engineer you get an opportunity to realize many projects that are just drawings on pieces of paper and the results are for every one to. On the flip side you have to be ready to sweat it out by working on projects on site locations away from the jazzy air-conditioned offices. Though if you are into research, teaching or planning, you do get the privilege of a table job indoors, so its not all that bad. 😀 Well, if you are really passionate about the field and are ready to do what it takes, then you can surely go for it.civil_engger-work You can opt for an Engineering degree or diploma. A diploma can be done after 10th or 12th and a degree after 12th. A diploma in engineering is a quick way to get into the field but it is always advisable to go for a diploma only when you are going to pursue a degree after wards. A simple diploma in engineering is not going to take you anywhere unless you plan to open your own construction company plus no promotions in your kitty too, due to lack of a bachelors or masters degree. So, it is always advisable to go for degree only. You may enroll for masters and doctorate degree as well if you want to pursue higher education for teaching or research purposes. These days national and state entrance exams are a must to get admission to degree courses, so you need to prepare well to get a good score. The fees for a civil engineering degree course is around a lac rupees per year for private colleges and around a 20 to 25 thousand for government colleges.

Present day, civil engineering field is known to be a high paying field as the demand of civil engineers has been increasing by leaps and bound and it has apparently outdone the supply not only in India, but across the globe namely Asia, Africa and more.

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Entrepreneurship in Engineering – Need of the Hour

Engineering has taken the world places from the end of time and is going to be an integral part of the industry for the end of the time, obviously so. With engineering colleges brimming with students, the answer to the questions about the prospect of engineering is quite clear. But, now the question is, is only studying engineering enough to boost your career? Not really, is the answer. One basic and vital skill that every engineer needs to have is entrepreneurship skill. Pure technical education does not inculcate the ability to handle pressures in business and identity business opportunities. Another vital skill that form the base of a successful entrepreneur, is the ability to identify opportunities and convert them into reality.

Entrepreneurship in Engineering

A study in entrepreneurship in Engineering would definitely provide the required knowledge and tools needed for any businessman to start a business and take it northward. Students who participate in entrepreneurship programs definitely get to learn business basics, problem solving, team management, critical thinking and communication. Gone are the days when business education was limited to business schools. Engineer with entrepreneurship skills is the perfect recipe for a successful business.
They have already proved to be great leaders and founders of successful business houses, in turn boosting the economic growth of the country itself. There are many colleges that provide entrepreneurship programs alongside full time engineering courses. This includes interaction and workshop with successful entrepreneurs. Students also get to participate in projects and actually lead the projects from the front. This helps them boost their confidence and gives them the power to take their own decisions. Even open end design tasks are an integral part of these programs. Students get a hang of dealing with design process related challenges, logical and technical. They also learn diagnosis problems and troubleshooting as well.

In a nutshell, an entrepreneurship program in engineering is definitely a must have, to get yourself ready to taken on the marketplace.

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Women in Engineering – Current Scenario and More

Gone are the days when careers for women were confined to teaching, reception or PR. Today, there is a huge chunk of women taking up engineering as a career. Having said that surveys also suggest that there is again a huge chunk of women engineers, who end up taking non engineering jobs after completing their studies. Many of them opt for IT careers because of the obvious advantages that IT companies offer their employees. This includes work time flexibility, work from home opportunity, work-life balance, holidays, marriage leaves, maternity leaves and even sabbatical facility. This makes their career flow smoother. While government firms or others do not give them such a flexibility and hence the statement.

Female students also have been seeing opting in for computer science engineering and IT as compared to other streams of science like mechanical, civil or electrical engineering. It has been also observed that less that 10% of the women are working in hard core engineering fields. A survey has revealed that in the past 5 years the percentage of women in engineering has come down from almost 20% to a whooping 5%. This is a huge number and the pointer clearly states that due to various perks that IT offers to girls, it’s been a hot favorite career amongst the girls.

Women in Engineering

Though, core engineering careers are also suitable for females. Atleast, few of the streams offer good opportunities for office based work as well and not on site work or frequent travel.

Civil Engineering – With the boom in real estate and groups coming up with lavish offices, the job opportunities for table job at real estate office has increases in manifolds. Particularly, areas of design, development, estimation and costing and project planning are suitable for women as they do not involve frequent site visits or onsite work.

Bio-medical Engineering – This is one field of engineering which deals is suitable for women. This is the reason it is seeing a surge in female applicants as well. Here you can see the best Bio Medical Engineering College in Bangalore

Environmental Engineering – This stream of engineering is also interesting one for women. This stream is also seeing influx of female students as compared to other streams, which seem to be male dominated.

kalpana chawla Well, engineering is an interesting field, and if it does interest you, as a woman you many definitely opt in, but you need to be prepared to work in shifts, commute to sites and similar kind of work culture.


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