A computer science degree can pay earn you a fortune but to crack it if not in flying colors, you have to pour your heart and soul into the course. So, how are you going to make it feel like a cake walk even though you are already aware that it is a pathway filled with pots and holes, bumps and more. Here are few tips to help you sail through your four rigorous years of computer science without hanging like a substandard computer on and off. 🙂

Plan ahead – Plan ahead – A computer engineering course is no cake walk. And like it is for other engineering degrees, following the methodology of studying a night or couple of nights before the examination is definitely going to sink your ship. So, plan well ahead of your exams and work backward if you may so that you are all ready when the exam dates are announced and can give your exams in a stress free manner.

Do not skip lectures – Many a students attend practicals but tend to skip their lectures. But, attending lectures is apparently a good idea because many a time the lecturers set papers and include topics that they have covered in the lectures. Also, you get to be in good books of your lecturer or professor and you can also resolve you queries and subject difficulties by seeking your professors help.

Be Practical – As much important it is to have theoretical knowledge, it is equally important to have practical knowledge because taking up a job or your performance at a job is more about computer application than theory. Specializing in one particular area is a much better idea because you may take up a sub field of your choice and try to master it.

Upgrade. Upgrade. Upgrade – Yes, this holds true today with most of the careers but with computer science more so and it is about survival of the fittest. So, you need to be abreast with the new technology as a successful computer engineer. You might as well take up online courses or part time courses to keep yourself up to date.

Be a Team Player – You might like to work solo but when on a project at work a computer science student or at work as an employee you will have to work as a part of a team. Even as student you will be doing engineering projects with a partner or in a team. So, be ready to play the game as a team player and understand that team work can take you places as well.

Computer Science degree is a tough nut to crack but with a disciplined approach to study you can clear your examinations and graduate as a computer engineer.


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