Presently, if you check out the percentage of Engineering students pursuing MBA after graduation, you would be surprised to find that it is a staggering one. The reason behind diverting from their technical field to that of business management could be many. We all are aware of the big fat salaries, social status, corporate career and more that business management post graduates get.

MBA After

Apparently, it has also been a legacy of sorts. Not just today, but for decades, many a parents have rarely thought beyond the two fields engineering and medical, in India. They just sow it inside your mind as a child, that your ultimate goal in life is to become an engineer or a doctor, and try to nurture the dream of theirs through you.

After engineering it has mostly been MBA. Even today parents and their wards eye the prestigious IITs for undergraduate degrees and IIMs for post graduation. IITs are considered as the Mecca and Madina of Education here in India. If you clear your JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) and get admission to IIT, then you belong to the elite club of Engineers and your parents feel as if they are on the seventh heaven.

Even though, the scenario has changed quite a bit over the past few years there is still a majority of the population that cannot think past engineering and medical education. That is the reason even today there is so much demand for engineering seats and over 85% of the management seats at IIM are occupied by engineering graduates.

Some of the Compelling reasons for doing an MBA after Engineering
1. Engineering degree not enough to get big fat salary packages.
2. Highly advantageous if planning to foray in entrepreneurship at some point of time.
3. Broaden your work horizons from technical jobs to banking, finance, fmcg sectors and more.
4. A lucrative and comparatively easier option in case you don’t want to pursue MS or a Phd.

Yes as said before, doing an MBA after engineering is going to skyrocket your earnings extensively. Today, corporate’s out there are all set to shell out six figure salaries to management post graduates with an engineering background. The companies prefer technical backgrounds in comparison to science, arts or commerce background. With such lucrative packages available, we are just so attracted that we fail to look beyond it. Alas, the ward’s interest or liking for a subject or sport or music or art is just buried somewhere beneath this dream of their parents or the pressures of earning and financial growth.

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