Civil engineering is said to be one of the oldest streams of engineering. For example the oldest structures like the Great Wall of China, the Colosseum of Rome, the Pyramids of Giza, the statue of Rio or coming back home the breathtaking Tajmahal – all stand witness to the birth and evolution of civil engineering. This is one stream of engineering where everything is visible and that too in big size, unlike some other fields of engineering. Civil engineering is an important stream because any country’s socio – economical status depends upon the infrastructure of it a lot. Be it mammoth structures like dams, bridges, airports, docks and harbours or corporate and residential projects, all are a result of civil engineering. civil-eng There are always two sides to a coin and even Civil Engineering comes with its own pros and cons. As a civil engineer you get an opportunity to realize many projects that are just drawings on pieces of paper and the results are for every one to. On the flip side you have to be ready to sweat it out by working on projects on site locations away from the jazzy air-conditioned offices. Though if you are into research, teaching or planning, you do get the privilege of a table job indoors, so its not all that bad. 😀 Well, if you are really passionate about the field and are ready to do what it takes, then you can surely go for it.civil_engger-work You can opt for an Engineering degree or diploma. A diploma can be done after 10th or 12th and a degree after 12th. A diploma in engineering is a quick way to get into the field but it is always advisable to go for a diploma only when you are going to pursue a degree after wards. A simple diploma in engineering is not going to take you anywhere unless you plan to open your own construction company plus no promotions in your kitty too, due to lack of a bachelors or masters degree. So, it is always advisable to go for degree only. You may enroll for masters and doctorate degree as well if you want to pursue higher education for teaching or research purposes. These days national and state entrance exams are a must to get admission to degree courses, so you need to prepare well to get a good score. The fees for a civil engineering degree course is around a lac rupees per year for private colleges and around a 20 to 25 thousand for government colleges.

Present day, civil engineering field is known to be a high paying field as the demand of civil engineers has been increasing by leaps and bound and it has apparently outdone the supply not only in India, but across the globe namely Asia, Africa and more.

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