Engineering has taken the world places from the end of time and is going to be an integral part of the industry for the end of the time, obviously so. With engineering colleges brimming with students, the answer to the questions about the prospect of engineering is quite clear. But, now the question is, is only studying engineering enough to boost your career? Not really, is the answer. One basic and vital skill that every engineer needs to have is entrepreneurship skill. Pure technical education does not inculcate the ability to handle pressures in business and identity business opportunities. Another vital skill that form the base of a successful entrepreneur, is the ability to identify opportunities and convert them into reality.

Entrepreneurship in Engineering

A study in entrepreneurship in Engineering would definitely provide the required knowledge and tools needed for any businessman to start a business and take it northward. Students who participate in entrepreneurship programs definitely get to learn business basics, problem solving, team management, critical thinking and communication. Gone are the days when business education was limited to business schools. Engineer with entrepreneurship skills is the perfect recipe for a successful business.
They have already proved to be great leaders and founders of successful business houses, in turn boosting the economic growth of the country itself. There are many colleges that provide entrepreneurship programs alongside full time engineering courses. This includes interaction and workshop with successful entrepreneurs. Students also get to participate in projects and actually lead the projects from the front. This helps them boost their confidence and gives them the power to take their own decisions. Even open end design tasks are an integral part of these programs. Students get a hang of dealing with design process related challenges, logical and technical. They also learn diagnosis problems and troubleshooting as well.

In a nutshell, an entrepreneurship program in engineering is definitely a must have, to get yourself ready to taken on the marketplace.

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