Gone are the days when careers for women were confined to teaching, reception or PR. Today, there is a huge chunk of women taking up engineering as a career. Having said that surveys also suggest that there is again a huge chunk of women engineers, who end up taking non engineering jobs after completing their studies. Many of them opt for IT careers because of the obvious advantages that IT companies offer their employees. This includes work time flexibility, work from home opportunity, work-life balance, holidays, marriage leaves, maternity leaves and even sabbatical facility. This makes their career flow smoother. While government firms or others do not give them such a flexibility and hence the statement.

Female students also have been seeing opting in for computer science engineering and IT as compared to other streams of science like mechanical, civil or electrical engineering. It has been also observed that less that 10% of the women are working in hard core engineering fields. A survey has revealed that in the past 5 years the percentage of women in engineering has come down from almost 20% to a whooping 5%. This is a huge number and the pointer clearly states that due to various perks that IT offers to girls, it’s been a hot favorite career amongst the girls.

Women in Engineering

Though, core engineering careers are also suitable for females. Atleast, few of the streams offer good opportunities for office based work as well and not on site work or frequent travel.

Civil Engineering – With the boom in real estate and groups coming up with lavish offices, the job opportunities for table job at real estate office has increases in manifolds. Particularly, areas of design, development, estimation and costing and project planning are suitable for women as they do not involve frequent site visits or onsite work.

Bio-medical Engineering – This is one field of engineering which deals is suitable for women. This is the reason it is seeing a surge in female applicants as well. Here you can see the best Bio Medical Engineering College in Bangalore

Environmental Engineering – This stream of engineering is also interesting one for women. This stream is also seeing influx of female students as compared to other streams, which seem to be male dominated.

kalpana chawla Well, engineering is an interesting field, and if it does interest you, as a woman you many definitely opt in, but you need to be prepared to work in shifts, commute to sites and similar kind of work culture.


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