The national eligibility and entrance test (NEET) is now mandatory for medical college admission. This would help in a way that students wouldn’t have to prepare for many entrance exams of different colleges/universities. There would be one entrance exam that would be accepted all over the country.

After this announcement, even the engineering students and faculties are demanding the same for engineering entrance as well.

Suggestions also came in stressing upon having a common entrance test for Btech courses with a common syllabus across the country. They also insisted that the tests needed to be conducted in vernacular languages, so as to make it convenient for the students who have studied in regional schools. At present, there is a lot of the load on the students because they have to give many different entrance exams for admission to BTech courses. This includes IIT entrance exams, BIT entrance exams and more.

Though there has been a differed opinion where some academicians feel that having a NEET for medical entrance is a good idea but it need not be mandatory for engineering courses. The main reason is that medical colleges are very less in number as compared to engineering colleges. There are already 2 all India entrance exams with thousands of seats for IIT and NIT. Further JEE and EAMCET entrance exams also are there for qualifying to a good engineering college. So, apparently there is no need for extending the NEET to engineering.

Suggestions have also poured in saying a panel or body needs to be formed for devising a common syllabus, with a holistic approach. The same has been put forth by the central government and is being upheld by the Supreme Court as it has a lot of benefits for students and parents in general. Giving many entrance tests puts on a financial burden on the students and their parents as well. There are a lot of hassles involved as well, that include application form filling, travelling to the test location and more. Additionally the students attend many coaching centres for the different tests which makes a huge hole in the pockets of parents. Hence, NEET for engineering has got a green signal from from general public.

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